Starting 2021 strong with Forms!

new productForms 🥳

Our newest product is Forms, designed to help you easily create & share responsive forms, surveys and polls. Click here for details and pricing

bugfixMinor tweaks

Multiple minor look & feel improvements across the entire platform

Web Analytics filters have arrived!

bugfix[Rollouts] Excluded users with 100% allocation

A sneaky bug was causing 1 user to be excluded from features with 100% allocation.

feature[Web Analytics] Filters BETA

You can now learn more from data by filtering pageviews using any of 7 available parameters and their values. This feature is currently in Beta, feel free to let us know if you notice any issues.

Big release!

improvementPerformance improvements

Multiple behind the scenes improvements making the platform a bit snappier

improvementSidebar icon links

Sidebar icons are now actual links, which means you can easily open them in a new tab

improvement[Changelog] Confirmation before image removal

We now warn of the potential consequences before removing an uploaded image in Changelog

improvement[Changelog] Different colors for draft releases

It's now easier to differentiate draft and published releases

feature[Rollouts] API

Finally! You can now check the state and statistics of your rollouts features as well as update them remotely using our REST API

feature[Changelog] Release pages

You can now open a specific changelog release by clicking on it's title, making it easy to share exactly the release you want to instead of the entire list.

bugfix[Links] Error while editing

Fix an error that was appearing when trying to edit a link with an expiration date in the past

File size increase and link expiration dates

featureLinks: Display expiration date

We've added the expiration date to the details view of your links.

changeChangelog: Larger file uploads

Increased file size limit for attachments in Changelog from 1.5mb to 3mb

Minor issues resolved

bugfixChangelog settings validation

Validation message was not appearing if the changelog name was missing

bugfix"Other" browsers

Image for the "Other" browser row was not loading

E-mail digests are here!

featureE-Mail digests for Web Analytics

We've got good news if you don't use Slack or Discord. You can now receive a short summary of website statistics through E-Mail. To set it up go to the Settings tab in Web Analytics. Please let us know if you notice any issues 😉


bugfixWeb Analytics JS visit skipping

window.alpinaWebAnalytics was not being set if visit skipping was enabled

bugfixWeb Analytics hook integrations

Slack & Discord integration messages were not being sent out because of a sneaky bug. Sorry about that.

More improvements

featureAbility to remove changelog hosted page attribution

You can now remove the attribution link (Powered By Alpina) on hosted changelog pages

featureEvents support for Changelog SDK

Events support has been added, so you can now detect when the changelog has been opened or closed. Read docs

bugfixSlack/Discord incorrect unique daily stats

Alpina was reporting incorrect unique pageviews for Slack & Discord integrations (in some cases)

Minor tweaks ;)


We've integrate this changelog that you're reading to keep you in the loop :)

bugfixDefault changelog theme issues

Fixed issues with the default theme for changelog when integrated with JS

featureSelected profile label

We've added a badge for the currently selected profile on the list of all profiles